One thought on “SOWETO CAREERS EXPO 2013

  1. This year’s theme is “Registrations” . The theme was inspired by unfortunate events that occurs each year where millions of students don’t register in time . Now Generation of Exhibitors together with Maponya mall would like to invite you and your company to be part of Soweto Career Expo to help curb these unfortunate events that happens every year of students registering late. The dates set for this type of campaign is from the 9th to 15th of September 2013. This event should help the students and scholars with their registration demands, a direction to a best career path and good decision making while they still have time. The career fair includes representatives from 5 companies, 500+ patrons and students including recent premium alumni from the host shopping mall. This event will be held at Maponya Mall in Soweto.

    This 7 day event will give patrons and students an excellent opportunity to learn about the types of candidates each organisation is seeking, in terms of educational skill set and culture fit. In return, scholars and students are able to highlight the unique assets that they could bring to those organizations.

    For exhibitors and employers, this is a great opportunity to profile opportunities you offer, develop your brand among patrons and students and focus your marketing and recruitment efforts. In addition, exhibitors and employers will have the opportunity to meet with and identify those patrons, scholars and students that they consider a must hires’ for their organisations.

    This will help exhibitors and employers to catch up with some of the exhibitions trends that will impact on their business and their clients. They will have an opportunity to promote their awesomeness in this Soweto Career Expo.

    Wishing you a fulfilling business this year and looking forward to your participation.

    Sincerely, the GOE Team

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