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3-year-old ‘expelled’ from posh school

2012-02-17 09:26

A three-year-old boy was expelled from Crawford College in Sandton, Johannesburg, three days after being accepted at the school.

The boy’s mother claimed she was told during a parent/teacher meeting at the college’s pre-primary school that her son was disruptive, could not sit still during story-telling and was not suited to the school, The Star reported.

“The teacher said Joshua [not his real name] is extremely busy and disruptive… She [the teacher] said she thinks he has ADHD [attention deficit hyper-activity disorder] and that I should put him on Ritalin.
“She said he takes too much of her attention and it’s no wonder I don’t want to have more children,” the mother told the newspaper.

Crawford’s managing director Jaco Lotz denied the school had expelled the boy.
Lotz said the boy had been “withdrawn voluntarily by his mother, who acted on a recommendation from a psychologist”.

“After receiving complaints from parents of other children in [Joshua’s] class, his teacher addressed her concerns to his mother. At no point did the teacher recommend that Joshua be placed on Ritalin or any other medication,” Lotz told the newspaper.



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