If You Cannot Say It in 10,000 Words You Should Not Say It At All: An article on academic verbosity

This might seem odd to the stale-intellectual type, but the simple fact of the matter is that entrepreneurial writing must be quick, deliberate, to the point and without delay. Books that linger on and on without saying anything, are nothing but methods of distraction, paid for by the academic publishing houses of the upper class.

The word entrepreneurial must be rapid, to the point, without any sense of self doubt. The word entrepreneur must be violent, corrective, instinctive, prescriptive, without any sense of delay. If you cannot say it in 10,000 words, put your dusty manuscript away! Burn it and save us all the futility!

The highest form of literature is entrepreneurial pamphlets, business-cards and inciting passages, everything else is pure upper class mental-servitude.  Then why do the academic universities give grants to ‘intellectuals’ to write long books about absolute nonsense.

The answer is simple: it’s a mental exercise in futility. The upper class knows that the human mind naturally gravitates towards revolt against rotten systems. Thus, they give old fool professors some money and vacation time to work on meaningless texts that get read by no one at all. These texts end up sitting in libraries; distant, cold, just like the people that wrote them.

These academic books are all vanity ‘busy-work’ for intellectuals who can become dangerous if they were to put their mental energy towards a more honest pursuit, like entrepreneurial revolution!

Look at it this way, I am a ‘nobody’ and my pamphlets have been read by 45,000 entrepreneurs in one year. How many people read the hardcover prestigious books of these academics, 0-10 (Unless they force their students to drudge through them!) If you don’t believe me just look up their CNA sales records.

Like I said, if you cannot say it in 10,000 words or less, don’t bother writing at all, because it is going to be nothing but reactionary, self-destructive, self-diffusive, gibberish.


By The Entrepreneurial Activists Editorial Collective

Generation of Exhibitors


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