Why the System Bails out Whitney Houston and Celebrities like Her

Whitney Houston is broke. She lost $100 million in a few years, spent on drugs, partying and a general wastefulness. She now has to beg relatives and friends for $10, teetering at the edge of homelessness.

Here comes the saviors: her record company gives her an advance on an Album which will be a flop. Why? Why is the record company wasting their money on this has-been star? What happened to good old, survival of the fittest, capitalism?

It is simple, they do not want her to fall completely, so that the American Dream remains intact, so that millions may continue to chase this empty fame game. Imagine, if Whitney went homeless, imagine if she made a reality TV show about her homelessness!

The American Dream is a big fucked up lie, these celebrities are symbols of it, and their complete collapse must be hidden from the people, lest the people question if it’s all worth it after all.

Fuck the American Dream!

We must revolt or risk spiritual death, these celebrities are all spiritually dead.


The Activists Editorial Collective

Generation of Exhibitors


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