A Billionaire

One day, all of you wage slaves will be locked up in townships. One day, if you keep protesting too much, we will lock you all up in the townships along with the rest of the misfits. One day, if you keep mentioning my name in vain, you’ll find yourself in a beautiful ghetto home.

The townships is where my favorite citizens go, the townships is where I use poverty to crush your very soul. The townships is the home of the fools who thought the system works, only to end up locked up in the cycle of debt and poverty.

You know sometimes, I drive by the townships, I like to look at you, your eyes, your poverty, it ‘spiritually’ elevates me knowing am better than you. Sometimes I think about building myself a mansion that can be seen from your townships, so that you may remember me as a God forever.

The townships is where the poor are sent to rot to death, where gun shops litter the streets so that you may murder each other you scum. That’s why you never see me on the news. The township is the perfect scenery for wage slaves who forgot how to follow orders, how to pay their bills and their dues to my society.

The Township is where I leave you to die, as nothing more than a useless piece of shit who cannot do anything for my corporations. If you do not serve me, optimally, if you do not know your place, perfectly, the townships is where you will go.

Of course I push drugs in the townships, of course, that is no conspiracy, that is the reality, drugged up poor savages slaughtering each other. You are sick, wage slave, you will end up in the ghetto; you will end up in concentration camps if you do not obey. You are disgusting, wage slave, and I promise you that you will end up with a nice township shack if you do not make me a stack of cash.

Anyone who does not serve in my society will be sent to the townships, or better yet the private prison system. Did you know that in the US there are 1500 private prisons, I actually own 22, just imagine! Owning your own private prison. Am knocking in Africans doors and my next target is South Africa.

Wage slave, trust me, do not think too much, do not worry too much, just work like a slave, be happy with little or will find yourself in the townships.

Do you know where they put the Jews before taking them to the concentration camps? That’s right, in the townships!


A Billionaire

The builder of prisons, the builder of wealth

Generation of Exhibitors


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