Capitalism Thrives on the Psychological Destruction of Humanity

My system, my culture, my media, my universities are all designed to destroy you psychologically. Every single capitalist institution is programmed to take your humanity and turn it into raw cheap labor material. My television shows are concocted to make you feel alone, desperate, alienated, in need of some good old shopping.

My system isolates you, because when you isolate an animal it is easy to prey upon him. My system alienates you because alienated people are incapable of any concentrated effort or resistance. My system drugs you with pharmaceutical drugs and ‘illegal’ Secret Agency sponsored drugs, because drugged up people only care about the next hit.

My system turns you into a lonely soul, because lonely souls are easy to appropriate, to harvest, to turn into consumer profits. My system is designed to keep your mind infantile and needy: I need more food, more stuff, more everything. My system is designed to keep your belly full and your soul impoverished. My system is designed to starve your morale, to drain your psyche, to turn you into a passive zombie looking forward to the friggin’ weekend.

My systems of communication, do not really communicate with you, they just tell you how you should be and what you need to buy. My systems of education do not educate you, they just condition you to accept your lowly wage slave caste.

I am sorry, but it is a true, this system is designed to destroy the souls and minds of everyone except my children. My children are brilliant, innovative, they have ideas, they go to real schools, while your children play video games all day.

My children travel the world, they see other cultures that they will one day dominate, while your children are at home watching Disney.

Generation of Exhibitors


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