I Won’t Open My Legs To Get Funding

How Conservatives Use the Word Elites to Further the Elites Agenda

Whether it is Hellen Ziller or Winnie Madontsela, I’m sure you’ve heard them use the word elites(female wage-slavery) to castigate Cape Town and Gauteng journalists.  While these journalists are indeed part of the power elites (female wage-slavery), the irony is that the media-industrial-complex is full of elites (women exploitation), the banking system is full of elites(female rapist) , the industrial corporations are full of elites (ladies abusers).

The DA and ANC Party is full of elites (criminals killing female self-esteem). The conservatives parties are effectively trying to reformulate the meaning of elites, to define a specific group of media elites. The reality is that the entire political system works to serve the interests of all elites who (rape us women). As far as all logic is concerned, anyone who stands in the way of female revolution stands in favor of the elites. In fact, the DA and ANC are more business-friendly than anyone else, yet they seem to consider billionaires as non-elites. Women wake up.

Concern Sister, I won’t open my legs for funding.

Generation of Exhibitors


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