Mobilizing The Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial youth are full of energy and it is time to put this energy towards entrepreneurial revolutionary actions. Those who caution against mobilizing the entrepreneurs, overlook the corporate branding of the entrepreneurial youth. Let’s face it, corporations brainwash youth from birth, branding and commodifying our very human instinct.

It is time to make entrepreneurial revolution live in the dialogues between the female and male youth. It is time for both to speak of entrepreneurial revolution and the political struggle, instead of video games and football spectacles. It is time to develop methods that will allow both females and males entrepreneurs youths a chance to become more than future consumers and wage-slaves. It is time to build an entrepreneurial society where young people are looked upon as creative citizens, instead of consuming rats at the mall. It is time for world wide black townships to develop entrepreneurial strategies and communication systems that appeal to the youth.

The black entrepreneurial youth must as much interested in political change as anyone, it is the mass media that paints them as apathetic. Entrepreneurial youth are the heart of any resistance movements, we cannot move forward without appealing to their sentiments.

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s entrepreneurial revolutionary success and it is vital to build a solid successful foundation for this happen. Tell the youth to read entrepreneurial and political books instead of vampire nonsense. Tell the youth that happiness is not at the mall, but in the movement towards the people’s financial liberation.

It is time to stop ignoring the township entrepreneurial youth and to start mobilizing them. It is time to build communication platforms that appeal to the sentiments of the youth. It is time to use the creative energy of the youth to build entrepreneurial revolutionary momentum instead of corporate brands.

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