So Why Do I Remain A Female Entrepreneur Socialist?

Even Though Male Entrepreneurs Bring an Amazing Creative Human Energy, I Choose to Be a Female Entrepreneur Socialist

I think Male Entrepreneurs are great human beings, they have an amazing creative energy that floods into the streets of life in the townships. I think Male Entrepreneurs have a spectacular sense of humanity and a deep understanding of life and freedom. The Male Entrepreneurs critiques against the South African Gov are brilliant and incisive.

From Zwelinzima Vavi to Zapiro and from Petrice Motsepe to Kenny Kunene, many Male Entrepreneurs are outright ingenious in the way they tackle the ills of capitalistic and aristocratic societies. In fact Thabo Mbeki is one of my favorite historical figures.

So why do I remain a female entrepreneur socialist?

The major problem of Male Entrepreneurism is its organic inability to organize the workers. Male Entrepreneurs by nature are hesitant to organize and are very weary of ‘organizations’. This puts a major limit on the possibilities of mass organization, and I for one, believe that without mass organization the female entrepreneurial revolution will remain impossible.

That said, I would never denounce our Male Entrepreneurs comrades; they will always remain our comrades in the struggle for freedom and justice on this earth.

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