I was Once a Failure but Now I am A Female #Entrepreneurial Human Being

Until a few weeks ago, I was what they call “female addicted to failure”, I really was.  I based my entire self-image and esteem on the notion that wealth is for somehow for other female entrepreneurs. Then a female entrepreneur friend gave me an interesting underground book entitled to read, the title of that book is ‘How to Kill Your Inner Female Addiction To Failure’.

The book opened my eyes to the notion that failure is a sort of drug, a drug that the township female entrepreneurs feed on and keeps them at the bottom of the success chain. I did not need half the stuff that I was surrounded myself with (negative friends), in fact, I did not need 95% of the things that my used up friends where telling me. Am an entrepreneur from kasi. I have to change.

I was not planning to fail in my things because I needed to succeed, I was failing in things because I was addicted to the process of giving up. I was failing things  because it felt as if failing in things was my way of communicating with the world of failure. It felt as if giving up was my only way of reconnecting with a world of failure from which I felt alienated.

Friends are wrong idols. We are worshipping screw up idols again and again, things they have, their televisions, their purses, their make up, their shoes, their handbags, their drugs, a myriad of cascading personas that all end up in the garbage and their failing world.

As a female entrepreneur I am happy that I have finally overcome this desire to destroy my inner being. Plastic friends and wrong personas that are being fed to me.

I do not need plastic friends for now, in fact, I am now fully sure that friends are actually diseases, colorful, sad diseased, that made me feel sick, that made me sick.

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