Entrepreneur Refuse to Live in Fear: A Letter Written By Jesus Christ

Dear Entrepreneur

You have nothing to fear but fear itself; do not allow the wicked and the corrupt to turn you into a fearful animal. Do not allow the liars, the deceivers, to turn your life into a cycle of fears. If you love entrepreneurism, if you love yourself, then you would not have to act out of fear.

The rulers of society will make you fear your brothers and sisters in other nations; do not pay attention to them. The wrong ruling will tell you that God hates certain entrepreneurs, because they want you to work for them , be hateful and be afraid.

Remember working as an entrepreneur is an extension of fear. Entrepreneurs who are working they are stage in the cycle of fear. First entrepreneur would hate someone, then you fear them, then crave violence against them; put down the fear to put down the hate.

The politicians who tell you to be a racist are no brothers of mine. The leaders who use their sermons to tell entrepreneurs that nationalization is necessary are no friends of entrepreneurs. The cowards who waste their speeches on passivity and political dormancy are but the puppets of the tenderpreneurs man.

Do not let fear get in your heart, because when an entrepreneurs is afraid they become impressionable and easily manipulated. They will make you be afraid of life so that they may tell you where it is safe to go. Go where all human beings must go: go to the lands of peace, equality and social justice.

Go to the lands where oppression brings about revolt. Go to the lands where the entrepreneurial revolutionary in you will fight the sickness of the hoarders. Do not be afraid of the police, do not be afraid of the politicians, do not be afraid of the priest and their failing dialogues. Stick around a while longer.

Open your heart to humanity; open your soul to the visions of township universal progress. Open your eyes to a reality in which township people live together, hustle together, share and love. Open your eyes to a world of entrepreneurial where human beings are more important than corporate profits. Open your energy towards positive and entrepreneurial change.

Do not be afraid of politics, do not be afraid of change, do not be afraid of entrepreneurial revolutions, do not be afraid of life. Entrepreneurial Revolution Is Here Are You Ready To Free Mankind With Your Talent And God Given Entrepreneurial Talent.

Never be afraid of God, because you cannot love what you fear, because God is not a vengeful myth in the sky, God is in your heart and Love of people Amen.

But i have faith that Tour de Townships Careers Expo® will teach the next Generation to be alert. If we do just that the masses will leave long and people will be happy.

For more information regarding Tour de Townships Careers Expo® click here http://bit.ly/qFOJ2r this will take you to our site, on the site click “Tour de Townships Careers Expo®” logo for further instruction

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