Selfish ‘entrepreneurs’: An Article Condemning Those Who Turn Entrepreneurism into a Hobby for Intellectual Snobs

Selfish ‘entrepreneurs’: An Article Condemning Those Who Turn Entrepreneurism into a Hobby for Intellectual Snobs

There are so called entrepreneur who love the idea of being the only entrepreneur activists, the most genuine entrepreneurs, the ‘realist’ entrepreneur activists. These false entrepreneur hoard the definition of ENTREPRENEURSHIP in their suffocating circles. These broken entrepreneur murder the cause with their ignorance and their ego. These petty entrepreneurs turn the struggle into a professional, exclusive, hobby. They fly out to meetings, they exclude the entrepreneur masses from the struggle, they want to hoard the glamour of being a political entrepreneur.

They demand that you read certain books before you are ‘really’ an entrepreneur. Deep down inside, they demand that you have a certain education before you can really be ‘an entrepreneur’ how pathetic. It becomes absurd, when they demand that you come from certain schools like UNISA and WITS, for you to really be an ‘entrepreneur’. And let’s be honest, on some sick level, they demand that you be from a certain ethnic background, to really be an ‘entrepreneur’.

That’s not entrepreneurism, that’s selfishness. Screw you and your narrow minded Anti-Entrepreneurial definition of the struggle.

As far as we’re concerned, every single human being has an entrepreneur activist within them and we will bring that entrepreneur activist out. Every single poor person can become an entrepreneur; all people of all races can become entrepreneurs. As far as we are concerned, entrepreneurism will not be strangulated by snobs. It will be brought to the people, to the minds of every single human being on earth.

Unlike other selfish ‘entrepreneurs’, at Tour de Townships Careers Expo we will not view the people as sheep to be looked down upon. We see the people, every single person, as a possible future entrepreneur comrade, as a future member of the entrepreneur movement.

We will bring entrepreneurism to the minds of people ba ko kasi; we will recruit the poor, the underprivileged, the exploited. We will recruit everyone from all socio-economical classes. We will recruit factory workers, office workers. We will recruit single mothers on social assistance. We will recruit authors and artists. We will recruit depressed, unemployed, people. We will recruit older people and we will recruit young people. Entrepreneurism is real and alive.

We will use every method at our disposable to destroy the exclusivity of entrepreneurism. We will use every technique in our arsenal to turn social entrepreneur from a hobby of upper middle class college kids, to a real people’s movement.

But i have faith that Tour de Townships Careers Expo® will teach the next Generation to be alert. If we do just that the masses will leave long and people will be happy.

For more information regarding Tour de Townships Careers Expo® click here this will take you to our site, on the site click “Tour de Townships Careers Expo®” logo for further instruction

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