Your Career Could Be A Joke If You Are An Entrepreneur

Your Career Could Be A Joke If You Are An Entrepreneur

One of my favorite kind of wage slaves are careerist wage slaves, the ones who are so stupid that they take their pathetic career seriously even though they know they are entrepreneurs. . Your career is a joke, it does not mean anything to anyone except you and being an entrepreneur could mean the world to the world. Your career is going nowhere, because at the end of the day, you are just a wage slave and an extra R2000 a month will not change that. Your career is an extension of your meaningless, politically defunct, existence.

Wage slaves are conditioned by educational institutions to imagine themselves leading a great self centered career life, but it’s all just a sick joke. Entrepreneur are naturally trained to make townships and the world a better place. Your career is nothing more than a prison sentence, in which you work to serve your rulers, your masters, me myself and I. Your career is nothing but a hard labor sentence, in which you work from 9-5 for 45 years to end up with a depressing retirement.

Entrepreneurs have real careers leading to build their system against the system, your career leads to a senior home where they change your diaper once a week. Stop being a fool wage slave, your career is a big façade, an intricate lie, you are not going anywhere. Your whole life is a joke but your career is a prison too, you’re stuck in that same cubicle, hoping to move to a slightly bigger cubicle. You’re stuck, that is the best way to characterize you wage-slave, always stuck in the mud of your dumb careerist egotism. You’re stuck in your persona of a person with a future, but it’s all a joke, because to corporation you’re nothing, not even a name.

Your career is a big joke because at any given moment you can be replaced, or tossed, or fired, or demoted. Every Friday I demote someone who works for me, it’s good for the morale of the corporation, everyone stays afraid and obedient. Your career! Ha! It’s not even really your career since your work and creativity technically belong to my corporation. Now shut your mouth wage slaves and get back to work, get back on the assembly line where your dreams get shattered before your eyes.

But as Career Activists we have faith that Tour de Townships Careers Expo® will teach the next Generation about (gifts/talents) alert. As Townships Schools if we do, just that, then the masses will leave long and people will be happy and hopeful.

For more information regarding Tour de Townships Careers Expo® click here this will take you to our site, on the site click “Tour de Townships Careers Expo®” logo for further instruction click for mobi users…….

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