Prosperity Is Not Dead Myth Revive It By Mass Media Entrepreneurism

Prosperity Is Not Dead Myth Revive It By Mass Media Entrepreneurism

You can not destroy the entrepreneur system you can not debunk the crude myth of their prosperity; try to show other entrepreneurs how the gap between rich and poor is growing. Millions of entrepreneur are being spiritually killed each year by NGO’s and Gov policies, dashing the hope of their prosperity?

1.4 million South Africans are on food stamps, where’s the capitalist dream? Thousands of South Africans Dreams are being exploited.

Entrepreneurs are stressed out, broke, in debt, always running, always falling behind, where’s the prosperity?

Entrepreneurs must deconstruct the big lie of Government prosperity, by showing how Funders organizations shift the burdens on impoverished Townships. Entrepreneurs must deconstruct the big myth of Government prosperity by contrasting billionaires like Motsepe in yachts.

Government creates the myth of prosperity in Townships, but outside of the towns the billionaire mansions, prosperity is alive and township people and entrepreneurs are starving.

When you show people that prosperity is dead in our townships they think we negative. Why bring Pick n’ Pay near spaza shop and Markhams to challenge our young designers. By their are killing the myth of prosperity, this does not allow entrepreneurs a chance to see their lives for what it is. When one day ,we kill the big joke of social mobility, then the people will begin to see their lives as mere indebted wage slaves.

Viva to my townships entrepreneurs hustle hard……

Generation of Exhibitors


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