We Need Entrepreneurs Like a Flower Needs a Bee

We Need Entrepreneurs Like a Flower Needs a Bee

Men break the box office for their power and their swag while the women draw the crowds until their breasts begin to sag and the people still hate kasi entrepreneurs they think they’re all reverse drive in them and the term’s success itself but we all hate changes so we best bring back the fifties and send women to the moon and don’t let them say a thing unless we let them swoon unless they drool over our power we do not need them at all its the women on the bottom that keep us standing tall while the entrepreneur exists because equality won’t fit and we let it keep happening long as they keep rapping we’ll give them their little game so they think that we’re same like it says in the constitution but they need an entrepreneur evolution like a flower needs a bee and South Africa needs wasps -the key word being white Dr. Malan was pretty lost thinking we could ever change but it’s all part of the game. Let them think they take a Kilometer and we’ve given them an inch but we really gave a millimeter fooling them was a cinch.

A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight is a miserable creature. ~John Stuart Mill

Generation of Exhibitors


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