It is Time For South Africa to Break Up the Ties With China These Morons Are Information Monopolies

The Chinese control the way we see South Africa now, they control the way we perceive ourselves. Asians invest great amounts of time and Chinese find ways to control our visions of ourselves. They own all of our land to sell fake stuff, all of the fake radios, all of the fake newspapers, all of the main fake internet portals.

They are not afraid of losing this control? Even if they Kill 12 South Africans there they know they will get away with it cause our souls where bought by a mere 1,000,000,000,000*

They are not afraid because the slightest killing of our African young women and reversal in the flow of information won’t spell their doom. These slightest senseless killings of Africans, generate knowledge that will end up costing us.

This is why we must find every possible way of reversing the trade of Chinese information control, this why we must create information outlets that work to destroy the chinese system. We must find ways of using our minds and souls to short-circuit the flow of chinese/commercial information in our country.

All it takes is a slight deviation, a slight reversal and the system as we know it will come tumbling down.

I hate china our Leaders sold us
Itumeleng Hloshe
071885 1906


Generation of Exhibitors


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