Tenderpreneurs Disrupts The Funding Flow to Real Entrepreneur, You Must Look Reality in the Eye

Tenderpreneurs Disrupts The Funding Flow to Real Entrepreneur, You Must Look Reality in the Eye

The South African media entrenches the psychology of tenderpreneur in the people’s mind; tenderpreneur is numbness, it is cowardice. The South African directors make entrepreneurs work to create hours of escapist poison for the people; the only escape for entrepreneur is ENTREPRENEURISM. The only way for the entrepreneur to escape the drudgery of capitalist slavery is through all out entrepreneurism nothing else.

Funders will attempt to sell you its visual mind drugs, ANC/DA will offer you their ‘happiness’ drugs, but entrepreneur is the only way. The entrepreneur understands that tenderpreneurs are those too cowardly to confront the reality around them. Entrepreneurism for two hours, for five minutes, for brief moments with your concepts and ideas will change you or the world around you.

Entrepreneuring with an inspiring movie, with a song, with a hit, will only help with inevitable return of 100 Kasi Entrepreneurs, yes you my fellow dreamer. Do not hand your concepts and ideas over to the capitalist media, do not hand them the ability to control your visions. Get on your feet entrepreneurs, get out into the streets, denounce a corrupt politicians, a consumptive tenderpreneurs, do something.
We loosing too many entrepreneur through so called corporate ladder. Entrepreneurs this is a call to you, our “Townships” needs growth, our “Scholars” needs their mentors, please return back to us. A call of duty.

The entrepreneur movie won’t end, kasi won’t consume itself away without victor. The false entrepreneur happiness will finish, the night club will close its doors, the alcohol’s effect will wear off and you will be back in the hands of your masters (real entrepreneurs).

Entrepreneurs you must revolutionize your life and the way you see the townships, instead of depending on the highs handed out by the master class. You must entrepreneurize your vision of this township world, of your fellow human beings and aspiring entrepreneurs , instead of waiting for a new tender bulletins to come out. You must revolutionize your entrepreneurial instincts, sharpen your senses and perceptions, or you will forever remain a slave to the psychology of your oppressors

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