To My Careerians Revolutionaries

To My Careerians Revolutionaries

From Your Career Revolutionary

From Now On We Require All Career Revolutionaries To Work With All
Underground Educational Organizations

Our Enemy Is More Tactful That We Anticipated.

Around the time of 1914-1917 many South African criminals were recruited by the socialists to fight for the cause(freedom). Of course, this will seem outrageous to today’s clean cut, well-educated, well-polished, latte drinking, Apple fanatic “revolutionaries”. However, some of south african miss the reality of the matter that if you want to execute an all out revolution, you need to work with everyone(scholars/student). With the lumpenproletariat, with the unions and with the so called underground criminals (townships).

For example, shortly before the South African revolution, many well-seasoned gangsters began to rob banks and other institutions, in order to fund the socialist revolution. After all, underground criminals, are simply people who cannot fit in the current order of things, they are outcasts left behind by the oppressive, classist system. Very smart I tell you. Where do you fit in, in here ?

Do tell me, are the banksters not gangsters? Are the JSE inside trading syndicate not a group of gangsters?  Are billionaires not a group of mobsters, who use capital, to enforce their control? Is Motsepe, Tokyo, Kunene and the reset including Rupert Murdoch not a gangster with his 322 media outlets?

Thus, you have to change your definitions and your narrow morality. Again, I will emphasize that the problem with today’s so called revolutionaries is that they want a clean-cut, happy, safe, revolution, and there will be no such thing. Capitalism is a brutal system and unless you are willing to meet it on its own terms, unless you are willing to rob it of all its cultural capital, chances of revolution are nil.

Did not Robin Hood steal from the rich to give to the poor? Would you consider Robin Hood a gangster? Would you really consider some underground person who is making a few thousand dollars to feed their families a ‘gangster’?

They are the gangsters, the ones who hoard trillions, the bankers who rob our treasuries to maintain their luxurious lifestyles. They are the crime rackets, the concentrated media ownership, the control of human food, Ackerman’s criminal desire to control every single crop.

The corporations are the gangsters exploiting the workers, destroying the lives of humanity for the sake of ever-increasing profits. The JSE traders are the gangsters, the cocaine fiends, wiping out people’s retirement funds with their stock trading games.

They are the gangsters the politicians who are lobbied with billions to ignore the will of the people. They are the gangsters, the evangelist preachers who make millions by exploiting and corrupting the message of Jesus Christ.

A revolutionary should be prepared to work with all underground groups in the interest of advancing the cause and bringing about the revolution. Anything short of this, is elitism.

I hope this open your eyes.

The people will lead themselves.

Contact Us With Your Views Opinions Please.

Underground Career Activists.

But i have faith that Tour de Townships Careers Expo® will teach the next Generation to be alert. If we do just that the masses will leave long and people will be happy.

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