As Entrepreneurs We Need A Financial Freedom To Play With Our Ideas and Concepts

As Entrepreneurs We Need A Financial Freedom To Play With Our Ideas and Concepts and Its Also Useless If Can’t Get the People To Buy Into
Them Or Hear You

Entrepreneur’s Financial Freedom was granted to them after the tenderpreneur took complete control of all the GOV Fundings. As entrepreneurs retaking control of kasi via the internet, there will be an attempt to short circuit funding of entrepreneur’s financial freedom. Government officials, such as the Prime Ministers of S.A have started threatening entrepreneurs by saying their ideas and concepts leak future goals, then Zweli Sikhakhane’s ideas is sentences; ignore and dumbed in a bin.

Entrepreneur’s Financials Freedom of ideas and concepts is not freedom to talk endlessly about, freedom of entrepreneur is the freedom to speak against tenderpreneur tyrants. Freedom of entrepreneur is the freedom to speak against brutal GOV Fundings and the governments that knowingly fund wrong people . Freedom of entrepreneur is the freedom to engage other entrepreneur in political dialogues using the Socratic-Kasi method.

The very moment that freedom of entrepreneur becomes a threat to the status GOV Funding quo, censorship will follow, be clever find ways to evade censorship. When censorship in your township becomes overwhelming as is happening in the South Africa now, speak freely against the tenderpreneur tyrants of another townships. Limpopo can speak freely against Gauteng tyrants, Durban entrepreneurs can speak freely against corruption in Mpumalanga. Use social borders constructed to keep poor working entrepreneurs separated from ‘tenderpreneurs’ against the tenderpreneur system.

It is quintessential that the entrepreneur revolution become a national movement, thus ‘nationalize’ your acts of dissent. The tenderpreneurs have become multinational and the entrepreneur resistance movement must become multinational as well. The tyranny of S.A multinational tenderpreneur must be fought against by entrepreneurs and citizens of all South Africans. Do not become overly obsessed with local situations and local events, the entrepreneur revolution must be national, dissent must be country wide . Organize in your townships, organize locally, but always keep your vision focused on the national entrepreneur revolution.

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