A Report on Educational Alienation: We Must Revolt Against a Country That Distort and Negates Educational system

A Report on Educational Alienation: We Must Revolt Against a Country That Distort and Negates Educational system

I am beginning to hate “this” South Africa, I hate what this South Africa has become, what it has made of it’s scholars and my township people, what it does to my scholars and my township people.  A South Africa in which love for education is a by word spoken far too often for gain, a South Africa once described by the great and honorable Thabo Mbheki as a “africa economical honey pot”.  And as he said in that powerful anthem which so profoundly reflects our time you’ve got the ANC race, you’ve got the ANCYL race, but this has become a rat race.

Ride a Reya Vaya Bus and see how people barely acknowledge one another, treating fellow South Africa not as such, but as a neccessary, momentary nuisance, treating scholars and children at school and play as a violation of their personal space.  And that’s the nice people, not to think of the bankers, politicians, football coaches, religious leaders all who as a result of their positions should be considered the best of the people but in so many instances turn out to be the worst, having enjoyed the trust of the innocents, all while violating such trust without a moments reflection.

Our world is filled with bankers so powerful, so ruthless, so self centered they can summon men who are supposed to be the servants of the people and make them serve a single cause, even though it be against themselves and the innocents.

This South Africa has bankers who establish institutions as monuments to themselves and their own avarice, built to groom the next generation of tenderprenuers, people who benefit from the misery of others whom they recognize as the servant class, indivduals whom they believe have been put here for the sole purpose of worshipping them and their assets.
We now have bankers who thru their takeover of global instituions have tied human value to worthless paper, given value as currency powerful enough to challenge even the strongest of human spirits when we are denied it’s charge
This South Africa has bankers to whom the country looks like a monopoly board where the aim is to own more.  Own more land, own more things, and yes own more people.

This South Africa has far too many politicians who are eager for high office after learning that there lies a liar’s paradise.  Having achieved their goal for apparent power, they can easily cut off aid to school children and the elderly who are most in need, either because they feel no attachement to “those” types of people or don’t care for “those” types of people.  After all it’s their fault.

The few politicians who fight for what is right are drowned out by the many who have long since sold their souls, so long in fact they have forgotten they ever had one. The politicians of this country can order the bombing of babies on other continents and smile, even envokimg the name of some “God” while carrying out their actions.  They order children to go and perform their dirty work, children who come back broken men and women, now in need of mental health professionals after the trauma they both witnessed and inflicted.

Many South Africans are only denied continuing medical care, others are unable to find jobs and often end up homeless.  Still others find themselves denied the very rights they supposedly fought for and are beaten and abused while standing for the  same freedoms their brothers fought for to be protected from this system. One township folk said “they hate us because we are free”.

This country has religious leaders who offer feel good religion built on far too many misunderstandings which cause humans beings to hate one another, consigning each other to hell for the lack of acceptance of their particluar truth.  These are religions which allow racist to burn, lynch, humiliate and ultimately destroy darker skinned people and yet still use the name of God.  Then there are the ones which horribly classify women and girls as harlots, allowing the destruction of their beautiful dreams. Other faiths while laying claim to their rightful inheritance as justification.

So, while I understand that hate is a strong word and distasteful to many, I must say I hate “this” country.  We need a new south african order, a country in which “the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned” as Nelson Mandela said, for until such time we will live in a country where corruption is the order of the day, corrupt for greed, religion, political maneuvers and corruption among confused humans struggling for survival.
We need a new country, we need a South Africa where the weak are helped by the strong, not for a tax break but for the joy of their own humanity, we need a country where giving up one’s seat on a train is not viewed as a suspicious act.  A country where children don’t identify police with death and destruction.  A country in which hoplessness has been turned back into hopefullness, a South Africa in which the current of life is once again love.

We need a South Africa where people can disagree without being hateful in our disagreements. A South Africa filled with postive vibrations, where love is not seen as a value of mere marginal hippies, a Sub Sahara where people are never fearful of being judged by their race, religion, class, culture, sex, or sexuality.  That’s whyI hate “this” country, for in “this” country hate, greed, violence, and ignorance are the order of the day, and that’s the good ones.

But as Career Activists we have faith that Tour de Townships Careers Expo® will teach the next Generation about (gifts/talents) alert. As Townships Schools if we do, just that, then the masses will leave long and people will be happy and hopeful.

For more information regarding Tour de Townships Careers Expo® click here http://bit.ly/qFOJ2r this will take you to our site, on the site click “Tour de Townships Careers Expo®” logo for further instruction click http://bit.ly/pLABDi for mobi users…….

The Tour de Townships Careers Expo® team

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