Tour de Townships Careers Expo


Come Tour de Townships with us.

As Tour de Townships Careers Expo Group we are on a mission to turn Careersism into an advertising machine for our educational lifestyle and things. We want you to learn to take your Career back, you must learn to find ways to reshuffle your careers lifestyle and the status of your quo arrangements. Once the Careers is back in your arms and the hands of the people and students, then it is a matter of time before the disadvantage students win the war of educational revitalization and free education.

When you think about it capitalist are keeping the words locked in academic ivory towers, as students and scholar I command you to unlock, them bring them to our schools, to the students and the streets so they can see how important townships schools are. Students must learn the language of the people, the street lingo, learn how to revolutionize colloquial speech and education.

Do not wait for Tour de Townships Careers Expo and other academics to revolutionize language, because believe me, we don’t have enough man power. You must start now to revolutionize your language, grab a dictionary, a thesaurus, look up words like resistance, uprising, education and Careers use them and we will join you late when we come.

You cannot revolutionize your mind and your thoughts until you revolutionize your Career you plan to use. Call the capitalist by their honest names, usurpers, thieves, criminals, parasites, bloodsucking people. Let’s take education back from, and take it to the people.

Redefine yourself Careers Fanatics and do not allow the mass media to label you as a unruly and domkops , you are a scholar, a  human being, an active, conscious entity. Let’s change how the Townships sees Careers in townships.

Its brutal but honest.

We need to learn Careers Fanatics, and change how people see us. Tell them we are not Chareer case we deserve better. I belong to Tour de Townships Careers Expo Group and you ? Be part on us and let’s change townships school criticism.

Letter from : Tour de Townships Careers Expo Group


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